The Team

The company has four principal members, Nizam Allie, Noorie Hassan, Aleem Allie and Mehboob Bawa. Aside from our passion for the film industry, we are successful entrepreneurs who have various business interests. Our motto in all spheres of business is service excellence!

Nizam Allie

The principal member of the company. Nizam has guided Film Ad from its inception as a fledgling service company to the current position as the leading line production company servicing the Indian Film Industry. He has extensive experience in event management and has hosted many leading Bollywood musical extravaganzas in South Africa. He is invited to attend and co –ordinate various aspects of the International Indian Film Awards (IIFA) annually. His business acumen combined with a full understanding of the technical requirements of film production, ensures that film companies will receive the best advice when it comes to negotiating rates and booking equipment and crews.

Noorie Hassan

A founder member of the company. Noorie has been instrumentally responsible for securing film shoots for the company as a result of her excellent relationship with many leading Indian producers, stars and directors. Noorie has always been a fan of Indian films and her endearing nature has resulted in her forging many long lasting relationships with key role players over the years. She is an experienced photographer in her own right, a seasoned events manager and has many years of experience in the travel industry. She deals extensively with the various film offices securing permissions for locations and advises on the travel and accommodation sectors of the production needs.

Aleem Allie

The youngest member of the company. Aleem brings a unique perspective and offering to the company. He has studied film and media and is a keen filmmaker in his own right. His insight into the talent area of production enables Film Ad to offer production houses advice on all local casting requirements. He is a talented photographer and is responsible for the company’s IT requirements and administering the website. Over and above, he liaises with all casting agencies for the sourcing of Junior artiste's and other talent for productions.

Mehboob Bawa

The newest member of the company. Mehboob has more than 20 years of experience in various sectors of the film and entertainment industries. He is a sought after actor and voice artiste. Like his partners, he too is passionate about film and writes on Bollywood for a leading newspaper. He travels extensively to film festivals and markets. His extensive film and communication experience as well as media savvy ensures that Film Ad constantly develops and retains healthy relationships with all leading authorities and other important role players in the film industry, both locally and abroad. He accompanies clients on location scouts, liaises with artiste, crew and location providers.